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Welcher Fantasy-Archetyp bist du?

Mittwoch, März 14th, 2007

Kaddi hat ein Quiz gemacht :-D und bei dem kam folgendes raus:

The Pillar-of-Strength Love Interest

You are the Pillar-of-Strength Love Interest! You’re like Arwen (Lord of The Rings), Guinevere (Arthurian Legend), Princess Leia (Star Wars), Door (Neverwhere), Ginny/Hermione (Harry Potter), and Kahlan Amnell (Wizard’s First Rule). You are the protagonist’s love interest and you almost invariably love him too. You are strong, resiliant, caring, loving, loyal and virtuous – but you often have to make hard decisions between love and the Right Thing. You and The Mentor usually go way back, and keep your eye out for betrayal of your love from The Traitor. Also, keep guard, you are the favorite hostage of The Totally Wicked Villain.

So so, die bevorzugte Geisel des vollkommen bösen Bösewichts *eg* Was immer das bedeutet…